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Friday, January 23, 2015

Podcast 64 - KILLER BE KILLED & New February Releases 2015

The loudest, heaviest, most obnoxious and unapologetic metal show is back with our third episode of January! Ready to listen to some music with meaning this weekend? Crushing brutal new album releases for February 2015 and the most aggressive sounds of the underground from across the globe! The only place on the web where all the serious metal heads get together to catch up on what's new and to discover the best bands from the international scene. 

Take a look at KILLER BE KILLED a massive metal project with Max Cavalera guitar and vocals for Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy, Greg Puciato vocals for The Dillinger Escape, Troy Sanders bass and vocals for Mastodon, and ex-drummer for The Mars Volta, David Elitch. The band's first self titled effort was released on Nuclear Blast this past May 2014.

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1. KILLER BE KILLED - Face Down, album: Killer Be Killed, Nuclear Blast 2014, web

2. IN OTHER CLIMES - Who Are You, album: Leftover, release Feb 27, Bastardized Recordings/Membran, web

3. TERROR EMPIRE - Servant, album: The Empire Strikes Black, release Feb 23, Nordavind Records, web

4. BLOODSHEDD - More Will, album: TBA, release: TBA 2015, web

5. DAVOLA - From Within, album: Dichotomy, release 2009, web , Download track MP3 here, DAVOLA interview New Album Studio Report click here

6. RITI OCCULTI - Revelation, album: Riti Occulti, release Feb 23, Nordavind Records, web

7. THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN - When I Lost My Bet, album: One Of Us is The Killer, 2013 web

8. THE MARS VOLTA - Inertiatic ESP, album: De-Loused In The Comatorium, 2003 web

9. MASTODON - Chimes at The Midnight, album: Once More 'Round The Sun, 2014 web

10. SOULFLY - Cannibal Holocaust, album: Savages, 2013 web

11. KILLER BE KILLED - Wings of Feather and Wax, album: Killer Be Killed, 2014

12. AFFIANCE - Limitless, album: Blackout, release Sep 2014, BulletTooth Records web

13. MORTALICUM - I Dream of Dying, album: Tears from The Grave, 2014 Metal On Metal Records web

14. NUMENOREAN - Let Me In, demo: Numenorean, self-release 2014 web

15. POTERGEIST - Loves Martyr, album: Swampires, Distroball/Otherside records web

16. SIX GUN SAINTS - 5150, EP: Ashes, release 2014, Dead Inside Records web

17. DWAIL - Gang Rape, album: The Human Concern, release Nov 2014, Klonosphere web

18. BLOODSCRIBE - Enslaved by Deceptions, album: Prologue to The Apocalypse, release Feb 10, Gore House Productions web

19. EMREVOID - Riverso, EP: Riverso, Sep 2014, Drown Within Records web

20. KILLER BE KILLED - I.E.D., album: Killer Be Killer, 2014 Pick it up at the Nuclear Blast Store  

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